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Is anybody there?

Puppetry has existed for longer than anyone cares to remember.
It is an anarchic art, rooted in mockery, a ridiculous gesture towards the absurdity of the established order. It is the unique ability of the clown to laugh in the face of the king.
Against the tightly controlled consumer compliance industry and the unilateral bombardment of corporate mass media, the arts become a commercial commodity, or, if they refuse to serve this system, criminalized, incarcerated, or destroyed.
From the quagmire of complacency and the garbage that it produces, the puppet emerges and finds its poignant paper mache voice.
Puppets are intentionally ugly against the glittery status quo and inherently worthless in the eyes of the money economy. They are summoned from the garbage to serve a purpose, ultimately returning to the garbage.
A Puppetista Manifesto, Itinerant garbage theatre for a cultural insurrection.

During my first trimester at Birmingham City University, I had the opportunity to approach the puppet theatre.
Very ancient world, with vast, complex and interesting performative techniques in making and performing the puppet,
The main objective of the project was to give shape to radical puppets that had an informative and awareness-raising purpose.

My puppets are born from the need to tell the story of everyday women.
The genre of half of humankind that is found in this particular item is the transposition of her current social condition. It has finally reached a status in common sense that we are not having the same rights as men do, this, has since the mists of time.

Women's persecution is as ancient as social history, and this is a fact.
What is today claimed as power, despite the power today having specific but mainly different meanings, back in the centuries it was knowledge, this was respect, this was freedom.

This power was officially held by the rest of the half of humankind mainly, but still, not all the men were able to access it, the social structures placed boundaries, which for us were much ticker, obscure, and senseless. Kept in the hand of elitist sharks which just played with our lives.
Where I come from, people feel a tight affinity with the place, space and energy, and culture is bonded with the environment, this is slowly, century after century, becoming ourselves, giving back to the place with uncompromising vibes.

This is a place of beliefs that were born from the status of the people that were left behind by the institutions of their own country.
Nowadays, the reality of that place and most of the surrounding area, sharing a depressing development situation, is frozen in time. But this helped to keep the status quo of the culture, mainly untouched by time, even though centuries passed.

Today, thirty years ago most people did not know how to write or sign their same names, most people were living in regular farmers' days connected to the nature of the place and because of this education, better say no contemporary education.
In Basilicata, all the traditional costumes have something in common. The female one always has an apron, even the bribe one is equipped with such textile, this is because of the patriarchal view of the society, the women always to be able in any situation to be ready to serve, and never then forget about their role.
The apron so it is a status symbol in the same way religion plays the same role. Both are structures that serve to control and put boundaries for the minds and bodies. So for the women, the control is double, first in the house of the man she was married to and then in the society and whole life with the catholic morality.
Thanks to communication, I might say that many areas in the contemporary world are depressed in the same way my area is. The lack of education and equality is proof that the withes time never finished. Maybe, it is time to overcome the sexual identification of the witches with the woman gender, as the lack of rights involves entire societies.

Men and women in the world have no rights, but a witch will always be a specific heritage, something personally reserved for us.

I decided to call my show is there anyone? because where I come from this is what the locals have always asked themselves.
Is there a state? Is there the presence of a Catholic church that helps its faithful? Are there any institutions that want to develop that ever-thriving land? Is there anyone who will bring connections and development?

The farmworker is opening the scene and his functionality is the storyteller.
It is made of paper mache and I drow and painted it thinking of my grandparents who commonly were dressed in this way.
A red handkerchief at the neck was a traditional accessory from the lucania outfit of that time, it was used to dry up a sweat while working.He is having a playful way of speaking and the approach he is having with the spectator is inspired by the melevisione and the tale of the tale (Il cunto de li cunti)The puppet has been created from several pieces of paper mache which will be shaped thanks to balloons.
Its purpose is to represent a woman, any woman, or any powerless creature or a woman like Lorena Forni that thirsty for rights and knowledge and does not stop researching and studying causes and effects. 
This is the reason why it does not have a definite face or expression. 
To allow each viewer the impersonation of it and its condition. 
It is a delicate object, defenceless that is moving only if manoeuvred by these threads of raw twine that like all the scenography should remember the connection with the natural elements connected with the pagans' religion.It is a story of a stubborn and capable woman, who tries to make her way in the Italian extreme right, and succeeds, moreover revitalizing a political tradition that seemed over.
Always politically active, she declared deliberately in one of her first interviews to respect Mussolini and his work.
Nowadays she does not speak about fascism but analysing her book well defined her alignment.
As her character, I wanted to represent her strongly and directly.
I decided to give her a phallic shape because I believe that a person who is convinced like her to change this government and step on a country that is founded in the Millenium of patriarch will never have the chance to be the mind of this government.

Finally a woman!!! That is what everybody was thinking of, not about which party and what she will do for the country, a perfect strategy.
Her figure, our figure used once again, to succeed in satisfying the advent of yet another right-wing party that will hide behind one or many of the men who will operate her (us) exactly as I do in my show.
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