Debora De Canio

Born in Italy and raised in Potenza, Basilicata, Debora studied photography at the 'Scuola Romana di Fotografia e Cinema' in Rome between 2015 and 2018. In 2022 and 2023, she furthered her education by pursuing a master’s degree in art and design with interdisciplinary practices at Birmingham City University.

Her interdisciplinary practice relies on experimental photography, which involves the manipulation or combination of photographic materials with various mediums. She is driven to break free from the flat surface that a traditional picture conveys and is actively developing and researching a multimedia language that incorporates photography, sculpture, video, and sound.

Her approach to image creation is highly artisanal and ranges from using handmade tools such as pinhole cameras to assembling photographic enlargers made from pizza boxes, and processing and combining objects for installations.
Focusing on environmental and ecological issues, she has decided to explore and experiment with sustainable practices alternative to traditional darkroom chemistry, using organic developers and fixatives such as caffenol, Wineol, etc.

Currently, she is dedicated to integrating artisanal practices with anthropological context, focusing on the preservation of traditions. This leads her to explore and study ancient materials and techniques that are slowly disappearing in the modern world.

Exibitions and pubblications:

UNEXPOSED - Photo TWENS exhibition: 'Il conticello' - Leuven, 2024
Book Cafè - Group exhibition 'Ethereality': 'Another Kind of Vision' - London, 2024
Artdoc magazine - Group Exhibition 'invisible Threads': 'Il Conticello' - Online, 2024
The Glasgow Gallery of Photography - Exhibition and Zine Publication: 'Il Conticello' - Glasgow, 2024
Birmingham School of Art – MA show: 'At the Limit of the Rule' – Birmingham, 2023
Stryx Gallery – work in progress show: 'Stryx' – Birmingham, 2023
Sonore Alchimie: 'Tormentata' – Davoli, 2023
Door Publishing - 'Il Conticello' for Co-authoring Magazine, Do not forget to..., Rome, 2022
Curator of "Exhibition of the Workshop with Peter Puklus" Rome, 2022
Alternative Photography - World Cyanotype Day Gallery Rejuvenation - "Storm in a mirror" – online, 2021
Bend: 'Emoji of Soul' – Artworks for EP Cover – Bologna, 2021
Artdoc magazine – experimental photography exhibition: 'Where am I from?' – online, 2021
Experimental Photo Festival – Argos Collective show: 'Where am I from?' – Barcelona, 2021
Door Factory – Mikros open call: book collector’s limited edition of stamps – Lost faith in a loop - Rome, 2020
Cluster Photography & Print: Book and prints 'The Man That Got Away' – London, 2019


Pulcinella Ceramics by Elvira Peduto - Artistic ceramics, handcrafted and hand-painted majolica pottery – Vietri sul Mare (2024)
Birmingham City University, James Edward Frost - Design and Learn to Bring Puppets to Life - Birmingham (2023)
Bound Art Book Fair with Edd Carr - Sustainable Darkroom Workshop - Manchester (2022)
D.O.O.R. Factory - Workshop with Lua Ribeira - Rome (2022)
D.O.O.R. Factory - Workshop with Miguel Angel Tornero - Rome (2022)
D.O.O.R. Factory - Workshop with Peter Puklus - Rome (2022)
D.O.O.R. Factory - Lab for Unexpected Fanzines - Rome (2021)
Experimental Photo Festival, Vera Baunova & Patrice Baunov - Film Soup - Barcelona (2021)
Experimental Photo Festival, Mélanie-Jane Frey - Wet Plate Collodion - Barcelona (2021)
Experimental Photo Festival, Dianne Bos - The Book as a Camera - Barcelona (2021)
Almudena Romero - Chlorophyll Printing - online (2021)
Darkroom London - Chemigram - Sayako Sugawara - London (2019)




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